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At Soler Finques We have a vocation for Advice, we don't like to be, simply, Real Estate counters. Something will open the door of an apartment and tell you: "here the kitchen, here the bathroom, here the living room ..." (as if you were not ABLE to see them without Help), and another very different is Aprovech from the first moment to listen to what your needs are and what you would like to find, then to give you better advice and, above all, to really explain to you what the Market can offer you.

A basic premise if you are interested in buying a property is to be sure that I can buy it. And this, which seems so obvious, is not.

It is very common for a person to start visiting Real Estate to buy without having previously asked a bank for information. And this is a very important step, because I can pass several things if you are afraid:

1.- That the bank does not have the mortgage. It may happen that you are an entrepreneur and have created your own company (which is very scary for you), but you do not have enough history for the bank to trust you to lend you that money. In the best case, you will be able to buy, but in a while, when you can already provide information of several years of your company.

2.- It may be that the bank does give you the mortgage, but not for the amount you need; Because, for example, you have another mortgage from a second home, which is advertised alone. Because it is rented ... But for you bank, the reality is that you already have an open mortgage loan.

Forget it, our way of thinking has nothing to do with that of a bank's risk department. Ask first. Because Reduce text
happen that you start looking at flats afraid of the amount you think they will give you, then the bank reminds you € 100,000 and what is the first result? That after seeing Others more expensive, the apartments you can really access do not like ...

3.- It can also happen that I find the apartment / house of your dreams. Right on the farm that you have always liked, in impeccable condition and at a very competitive price. You run to talk to the bank, but we all know that things in the palace go slowly, so wait for them to do the study before you, they tell you I'm already calling you (I recommend you call me, even if you get heavy / a), but the days go by ... and the floor of your dreams Keep receiving visits. Most likely, when the bank answers you, it is already sold. So if you get the financial information before you start actively searching, the best thing is that you can move quickly.

Knowing where we are is always very important to be clear about where we can move. Maybe you decide to wait a little longer, for your financial situation to improve, maybe you PREFER to sell your second home to be able to access a better property here ... In Soler Finques we will help you solve all your doubts and return the decisions that interest you most. To you, and only to you.

Marta Villanueva
Real Estate Advisor

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