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Those of us who work in the real estate sector live with real concern (like everyone else, on the other hand) the period of confinement that we all suffered during the spring of 2020. Our fear was how uncertainty and the general economic situation would affect a sector. highly sensitive to these two conditioners. The logic was to think that for a while the market would be quite stagnant, waiting for all the questions to be clarified and for the light at the end of the tunnel to come closer ... But as happens so many times, life It surprises you, and the market does what it pleases, that in Sant Cugat it has resulted in prices not only not dropping sharply, but staying the same. It’s easy to explain a posteriori, of course; here I go.

I will not tire of saying that Sant Cugat is a separate microcosm in terms of the real estate market, for many reasons:
- its proximity and good communication with Barcelona means that it has become another district of the city. The good service of the Catalan Railways favors the traffic of people between the two towns, in addition to the numerous routes that connect them by car.
- Sant Cugat has grown quite well, maintaining many green areas and promoting the label of family population.
- Yes, it is an expensive population, but there is no doubt that people live very well here, with all the services at hand and a very good offer of schools, of all colors.

To all this, in the last year has been added the fact that, with confinement, many people have looked very critically at home. This unprecedented experience in our lives has made us see that we basically need more space:
- a room for teleworking - teleworking has come to stay. Maybe not everyone who works at home now will continue to do so next year, but there is no doubt that teleworking is a very valid option for the future.
- larger bedrooms for children (and if there are 2 who share a room, better look for a room for each) - consequence of online classes. It is not the same to do homework in the dining room or in the kitchen (in silence), to have a teacher explaining an online lesson ... you need a bigger room to be able to follow the classes in this way and not bother everyone. the family
- an exit to the outside - who does not have a balcony, wants one; who has a balcony, wants a large terrace; who has a large terrace, wants a ground floor with garden ... and so on to infinity (and beyond)

The consequence of all this change in the needs of families has been a considerable increase in demand for real estate in Sant Cugat, not only for housing changes among the already inhabitants of our city, but also for the number of people who have decided to leave Barcelona. There has always been a lot of demand from Barcelonans looking for real estate in Sant Cugat, but with the current health situation this demand has doubled or probably tripled.
It is true that all economic indicators predict a severe economic crisis that we do not know what the consequences will be, but for now we must take advantage of the boom in real estate demand. And tomorrow, we'll see.

Marta Villanueva
Real State Advisor

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